Wall Framing systems

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Wall Framing Systems

  • A wall system is produced utilizing a combination of 90mm ribbed C-sections for the studs and 90mm U-sections for plates and nogging . The U-section used for the nogging increases the frame’s rigidity, while the ribbed C-section adds up to 20% more strength.
  • The wall framing technique is intended to speed up and streamline the construction process without sacrificing the finished product’s structural integrity or aesthetic appeal.
  • Our technology offers flexibility for your building’s architectural design and floor plan. The newest high precision roll forming machine is used in our plant to roll all of the frame parts.
  • We exclusively use premium BlueScope Steel TRUECORE®, which comes with a 50-year warranty and complies with Australian regulations. Our in-house design team, which has a wealth of experience using steel frame technologies to construct buildings, is where SteelProFs differentiates itself.
  • We quickly engineer the wall frames to comply with the Australian standars for cyclonic and non-cyclonic zones using advanced software.
  • Our wall frames come with pre-punched service holes, eliminating the need for wall chasing, drilling, or cutting for plumbing and electrical services.

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Light gauge steel
Light gauge steel
Light gauge steel

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