Roof trusses

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Roof Trusses

  • The connections and sections of SteelProFs’s steel roof trusses have undergone extensive testing at a NATA-accredited testing facility and have been designed to adhere to Australian building codes for both cyclonic and non-cyclonic regions. We can engineer our trusses to work with any type of roof sheeting. Due to their precision and reliability, roof trusses are quicker to manufacture, assemble and install.
  • Roof Trusses are lightweight and simple to assemble; no on-site trimming or tweaking is required.
  • They are simple for roof carpenters to install due to the similarity in layout and connections with timber trusses.
  • Due to the fact that SteelProFs roof trusses are up to 40% lighter than comparable timber trusses, OHS site risk and the requirement for heavy lifting equipment are minimized.
  • Termite resistance in SteelProFs trusses eliminates the need for hazardous chemical treatments.
  • Without the possibility of warping, shrinking, sagging, or roof undulations, roof trusses are straight and plumb.
  • By significantly reducing the amount of combustible material in the roof space, SteelProFs roof trusses provide customers with increased fire safety.

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Light gauge steel

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