What are the benefits of building using steel frames?

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In the past 30 years, steel framing has become increasingly popular in Australia for its many benefits, which include: Less on-site waste material Easy to handle & install No dry rot Durable Lightweight Eco-friendly designs Termite proof Design flexibility Recyclable Less chemical treatments Affordable   Steel frames don’t shrink, twist or bend over time Steel

Are steel house frames durable?

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Yes, they are. TRUECORE® steel with Activate® technology incorporates a thoroughly tested protective aluminum/zinc/magnesium alloy coating identified by its unique blue resin finish. TRUECORE’s patented Activate® coating technology. Where there are cut edges from drilling or cutting operations, the galvanic action of the coating protects the exposed steel edge against corrosion. across a range of

How can steel frame buildings be cheaper than other building systems?

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Due to the inherent advantages of steel framing, the overall ‘shell’ construction time is significantly reduced which subsequently reduces the overall construction cost. Other avenues of cost reduction are realised thru: No additional termite prevention required. Follow-on building services trades are quicker to install due to the pre-punched service holes in the wall frames, eliminating

Are steel-framed houses electrically safe?

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With proper permanent earthing and safety switches installed, a steel-framed house is arguably safer than those built from alternative materials. Because steel is an excellent conductor, any electrical shorting will be attracted to the frame and away from other flammable materials, thereby greatly reducing the chance of ignition. Even lightning has less effect on steel,

Do you install?

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Yes, we do install frames. Our In-house installation team is segmented into commercial and residential. Where the installation is complicated and time-critical, our network has multitude of installation partners who can assist in the delivery.

What is involved in detailing?

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Our highly skilled detailers will 3D model all projects using the state-of-the-art EnduroCADD software suites. Before frames/trusses manufacturing commences, the developed model captures the client’s vision and ensures that all details are correct and precise following a rigorous detailing quality check. Once the client approves the model, the job will be released for rolling and

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