Benefits of steel tech

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SteelProFs uses The ENDUROFRAME® building system which is the result of more than 25 years of study and research into the production of light gauge steel frames. With the aid of a combination of design software, production management software, rollformer, accessories, and support, SteelProFs is able to offer its customers the opportunity to build their projects with light gauge steel frames.

  • Precision in construction ​
  • Durability​
  • Quality Materials Bluescope steel and​ TRUECORE®​
  • Fire safe with high fire rating​
  • Go green- Most recyclable material on earth​
  • Long life span​
  • 3D modeling ​
  • Termite rust and rot resistant​

  • Fast manufacturing ​

  • Cost effective ​

  • Weather resistant ​

  • Easy installation​

  • Easily achieved design objectives​

  • Sophisticated software to capture all design details ​

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